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5 Secrets to Successfully Hire A Cleaning Company in 2024!

Updated: Jan 10

New Year, New YOU - right!? We look in the mirror, point to ourselves, and say that EVERY time January rolls around, but how often do we fully take action?

Make this year different and get some help around the house so you can focus on YOU in 2024! Stop stressing about constantly getting all of the cleaning done yourself, hire a cleaning company, get your nights and weekends back, and use that energy to focus on doing the things you really enjoy and WANT to do. Like, living your BEST life!

Easier said than done?

Nope! Easier said WHEN it’s done. So we’re going to hold your hand a little and show you how to take action NOW to hire a cleaning service because there’s more to finding the right fit than just price, if you truly want the free time, peace of mind and happiness you deserve!

Start with these FIVE secrets to success when hiring a cleaning company to make your life easier:

Know What YOU Need and How Often You Need It

Not all cleaning companies are considered equal, and not every family’s needs are the same. Figure out what will best serve you and your family, and be clear about your expectations during your search. Do you want a team of cleaning magicians or a solo cleaner? Would weekly cleanings provide the most value to your life, or is a bi-weekly (every other week) schedule better for your lifestyle? What frequency will work best to lower stress and help keep you sane?

In our experience at The Cleaning Diva, weekly cleaning best suits those who have very busy lifestyles, three or more people living in the home and/or have pets. It will eliminate having to do any of the work yourself or fighting with your family about who will do it. We’ve found that bi-weekly cleaning works great for less busy families, singles or couples who don’t have any kids or pets living in the house or those who don't mind doing light cleaning between visits. Once per month cleanings are best for people who live alone, aren’t home much or have plenty of time to clean the house between visits.

At the end of the day, reliable cleaning consistency is key to getting the help you need.

Know Your Schedule

Are morning cleaning appointments better for you or would they be too hectic? Is an afternoon time slot out of the question, or does it work best? Do you work from home on Tuesday and Friday and know those days aren’t good cleaning days?

Knowing a few days and time ranges that would work efficiently for you and your family is important. Every company sets up their schedule availability differently, so you’ll want to save yourself some time and ensure their schedule jives well with yours. At The Cleaning Diva, we offer both flexible and set schedules, but simply knowing which works best when researching companies can help save time and stress for everyone.

Know Your Budget

Have an idea of what you can spend on house cleaning each month before calling around. Decide what your time is really worth to YOU. Take a look at what it costs YOU to do it yourself and what it would look like if you were no longer responsible for cleaning your home. What else could you do with that time and how will it benefit you and your family? Get with your spouse or partner and figure out what will work and what won't work for your budget. Hiring professionals to help you with your home cleaning is about more than having a clean home. It increases happiness and reduces stress and anxiety on many levels with all members of the household, so it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

As mentioned earlier, not all companies are equal. When deciding your budget for cleaning services consider if you would be happy with a quick in and out type of cleaning experience, or a higher quality, more detailed cleaning where the team takes more time to tackle the nooks and crannies.

The Cleaning Diva focuses on high quality service, consistency, and making your life easier in a variety of ways. We have proper systems in place to make your experience worry-free and seamless when it comes to your home cleaning. Finding a company right away who is licensed and insured and also has company systems in place for employees and clients may initially cost more, but will save you time, money and stress in the long run.

Know Who You’re Hiring

It seems obvious, but many homeowners skip this step inadvertently because they are more concerned with price over people. Get a virtual or in-home cleaning estimate so you have the opportunity to meet with the representative of the company, learn more about each other face-to-face and go through your home details together. This will help you get a better idea of their company culture and procedures to see if they align with your core values and lifestyle and if they're the best fit for you. Expectations and explanations also can be missed without a walkthrough, so having this appointment will help avoid future frustrations as well as give you both the chance to ask a bunch of questions.

Our company focuses on communication and building relationships with our clients. We like to have a quick phone call where we can ask and answer a few questions first. If we feel we could be a good fit for you, then we’ll set up a virtual walkthrough appointment where we can learn more about each other so we can really understand your needs and how we’ll add value to your life.

We understand what it’s like to invite people into your home, so we have an extensive interview process and training program to make sure we hire amazing people that match a specific set of core values and skills to ensure that you feel awesome about everyone who comes to clean.

Know Which Questions to Ask

Knowing which questions to ask is half the battle when deciding which cleaning company best fits your needs and can save you tons of time and headache.

Here are some questions to consider asking your prospective cleaning companies to help you decide if they’re the right fit for YOU from the start!

Are you pet friendly? What do I do with my pets when the team is here? How will you get in the house? Should I be home? How do I prepare for your arrival? Do you provide supplies? Do you use non-toxic cleaning products? Do you have proof of insurance? How will I know when you’re coming to clean? What if I have to cancel or reschedule an appointment? How and when do I pay you? How can I communicate with the team? What if something breaks?

Having these five success tips figured out before you start calling cleaning companies will help you avoid wasting your time and energy AND give you peace of mind.

NOW - get out there and hire some help so you can do YOU in 2024!

If you'd like to learn more about how The Cleaning Diva can help YOU live your BEST life this year, you can book a call with us here!

Keep it clean!

:-) Jessica

The Cleaning Diva

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